Author: Louis Barbe

IT Professional by day and a father, husband, son, brother, and drummer by night. My blog is a general commentary on life and work as a citizen of the world. I am a proficient and experienced consultant with a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors, business models, markets and cultures. I like to think I’m innovative, resourceful, and analytical, but you as the reader will be the judge of that. I am passionate about doing things right, yet focused on doing the right thing. Identifying actionable items delivers a strategy, which is how I approach change and contribution. I hope you enjoy my commentary and find my experience useful and relatable.
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What Do You Do? Ask the Robot

Having a portfolio career and an amassed array of skills, experiences through a range of roles and industries, sitting on both sides of the desk and working with people of all ranges of power and persuasion can make for a challenge to laser focus on any particular item that promotes a value or resonates with a particular job description.

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Gee Businesses Make It Tough To Change – Change the Tune!

The thing is everyone in the room is a solutions architect. But not one a pop star! There’s tension and their pain and emotional investment of a life time career is exposed and raw. There is great endeavours and knowledge experts that would score highly in Master Mind for their chosen subject, and a fascinating array of professional office politicking. But not one harmonious tune.