To Blog or to Jerry McGuire?


Now you won’t get the girl and this won’t “show you the money”. But for me it is the starting point of acting on the impulse to Blog! I have to confess I like the film. It speaks to me on many levels; my romantic inner sense of crusading, challenge the norm, conflict of conforming and doing the right thing.  That aside Magic Bus is a great Who track. That definitely speaks to the drummer in me. In fact the Who Live at Leads must be one of my favourite albums.

So when we blog do we pour open to the world our wider and/or deeper thoughts and should we give consideration to consequence, personal and/or professional, or is it just a yearning to be out there and be heard?

I enjoy reading blogs when I get the chance. Always busy, always more to do. I believe it is a crucial part of life’s learning in this modem digital and social media age and forms part of a great deal of self-therapy and confirmation in our diverse and ever changing society. Let alone a truly magnificent information gold mine as a professional blog- opedia.

For me my venture into this space is scary and also renewing. Yes we all have things to say and yes I want to be understood and contribute to the greater good of self-realisation. But what I write about and how I say it and the values I put out in the blogosphere may fundamentally conflict with my circumstance and current position. “Do as I say don’t do as I do” type scenario.

Will my statements resonate as intended from a black and white browser based delivery into the emotion, passion, belief and empathy that is intended by this blogging?

I guess life’s lesson tells you to follow your instincts and better to live on your feet than die on your knees. So give me the bag with the gold fish. Let me take on the challenging clients and let me bring these together to get the girl and show me the money.

I hope that by following my blog and commenting on this you the reader will help unravel the mystery of being out there and making a stand for doing thing differently. As the film shows, doing things the same way gets the same result. Doing things differently however. . . .  Enjoy!